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AC Aviation Company Limited or commercially known as Bangkok Jets was founded on the belief that charter flight service could be done better. Not by buying bigger planes, or building larger facilities, but by thinking small down to the last detail. By looking at the charter flight business from the customer’s point of view, we realized that the best possible flight experience came from superior service. In building Bangkok Jets around this passenger-centric view, we created a business philosophy of anticipating problems before they happen, and making sure that connections are always made and communication is never lost. Our mission is to provide the best charter flight journeys for our passenger, from endpoint to endpoint, by designing and maintaining the experience from the passenger point of view. You’ll see it in everything we do.

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It’s during the times of crisis when you have the fewest choices that the quality of those choices matter the most. Bangkok Jets has specialized and diverse experience providing emergency medical evacuation flights in the region, and has successfully helped hundreds of passengers get the medical attention they need with maximum efficiency and safety. We can outfit a plane for many kinds of particular patient needs, and our specially trained medical evacuation staff can provide expert service and support that makes a crucial difference.

AC Aviation provides two (2) Beechjet 400 aircrafts dedicated for air ambulatory services and one Hawker 850XP for charter flight services. All aircraft are under the registration of Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) ~DCA~.

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AC Aviation believes in flight quality excellences as much as the importance of flight safety and rules & regulations. Therefore, AC Aviation has estabslished the online documentation system in accoradances of rules & regulations, quality assurance standards and internal continuous qulity improvement.

All documents and necessary records and certificates shall be available herwith. For any further information, please contact the maintainer.

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